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AMJAD High School- March 11 2013

On the occasion of the International School Meal Day on “ March 8” and within the framework of AMJAD High School’s activities plan, the Science and the Health club in collaboration with the English department organized a “Nutritional Awareness Campaign Food Sale”. The English department plans to integrate the significance of healthy food at school and during English sessions. As an introductory step for this activity, forty members of the Science and Health club, prepared and served fresh food. The food was distributed by two teams wearing red and blue badges. The red color representing the oxygenated blood and the blue the deoxygenated blood, in accordance with the Brave Heart Fund’s logo colors. The flow of students in and out was designed to simulate the flow of blood from the center of heart (ventricles) towards the exterior (organs and lungs). The students bought healthy meals and fresh orange juice and at the exit, received a thank you sticker with the BHF logo for their donation. This innovative gesture went straight to our hearts! Thank you so much from all the Brave Heart Team !


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